I used to resist “process.” I viewed it as a blocker to simply getting things *done*. No more after working with Katie. She taught me that process and great project management is absolutely essential if you want to get a project done—and get it done right. She’s diplomatic, always on-the-ball, and keeps everyone on track and on the same page. I worked with Katie on a major web redesign/rebuild project and it’s been a highlight of my Hootsuite career—thanks in large part to her contributions and talent. I can’t recommend Katie highly enough.
— Michael Aynsley - Inbound Marketing Manager at Hootsuite

Katie stepped into a large complicated product build and quickly took command of the unknowns. She is a naturally gifted project manager who put the team and client at ease almost immediately upon starting. She brings value to any exchange she’s involved in, is a delight to work with and will be hired back for another contract at POWERSHiFTER as soon as the project stars are aligned once again
— Ted Morgan - Director of Digital Delivery at POWERSHiFTER

I had the pleasure of bringing Katie onto our team at Intergalactic in 2017/18 on 6 month contract as a Senior Project Manager. Katie is one of those great PMs that can manage projects in a full 360˚: managing client, delivery and leadership teams to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of a project. Key are Katie’s strong organization and communication skills. Katie knows when to be flexible, but will not fold and appropriately uses her wit and resolve to objectively communicate all aspects of a project. This makes her a natural nucleus for her team and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Katie as a Project Manager.
— Michael Farquhar - Managing Partner at Intergalactic Agency Inc.

I’ve worked with Katie on several projects while at Intergalactic and I enjoyed every single one of them. Katie has extensive knowledge about project management. Under her supervision, any project is nicely organized and gets to the finish line right on time, even with all the obstacles that sometimes arise. Katie keeps the communication within the team clear, so that everyone always knows what she/he has to do to. She’s full of anecdotes about physics, life, space and beyond, which makes her a special addition to brainstorming sessions as well as to fun and nerdy nights. It’s been a pleasure to work with Katie and I highly recommend her.
— Luca Allievi - Web Developer

Katie is one of the most valuable people you can add to your team. Not only is she professional in the way she works, she is also one of the most enjoyable people I have worked with. While we worked together as directors for at least 2 years, she showed a passionate interest in every project we were creating and helped deliver efficiently and on budget. She drives projects to completion with the ability to see the big picture all the way through and stays calm in the most demanding situations. It’s not everyday you have a rocket scientist in your midst, especially with a smile as contagious as hers. Anyone would be lucky to have Katie’s fervour and experience on their team.
— Andre Bussanich - Creative Director at NGX Interactive

I have worked with Katie on a number of projects over the past 4 years and always look forward collaborating with her. I appreciate her ability to manage the needs of each team member while keeping the project moving. As a designer it is great to work with someone who understands the creative process and is able to predict potential issues before the work even gets started. She is a professional, welcoming and straight up fun person to work with as well. It takes a lot of stress off a project knowing someone like Katie is on your team.
— Travis North - Senior Designer at Tech Samurais Inc.

Working with Katie made my job easy. Not only was she extremely well organized and thoughtful about the project we worked on with NGX, she was also able to communicate in a way that made the project run as smooth as silk. Right from the beginning, the scope of the project was clear, and every step of the way, we were in sync with Katie’s team. Katie made sure we were always were aware of the schedule, the status of the work being done, and most importantly, we knew what the priorities were, when our input was needed, and what kind of input/feedback was required. I was incredibly impressed by her work and her ability to manage people and the project in a positive and effective manner.
— Hana Dethlefsen - Project Manager, Exhibits at Science World British Columbia

Kathleen is a well organized and clear minded person who is able to keep the goal in sight and be productive through unforeseen difficulties ranging from challenging to tedious, all the while maintaining a positive attitude.
— Charles Cass, Mechanical Engineer, MDA

Kathleen is an exceptionally well organized systems engineer who shows great initiative and attention to detail. She has been the Thermal Lead for one of Canada’s largest space programs however the skills she exhibits and willingness to learn are great attributes to any industry.
— Pat Malaviarachichi, Senior Systems Engineer, MDA