WHat i bring to the table

Ideation is a creative process by it's nature; but to come up with a great idea you need to apply logic to find a viable solution to the problem you are trying to solve.  As an engineer with a creative streak, ideation and strategy are at the intersection of my skill sets.  I love the process of identifying a problem, researching how similar problems are solved and questioning how new technologies and trends could change this. Then comes the fun part of getting the key players into a room to brainstorm solutions and determine which solution will be successful.  I have worked with clients from many different industries, all of whom were trying to solve different problems.  Ideation and strategic thinking is where I shine. I can work with you to identify your next big product or service.

Description of Services

  • Strategic foresight
  • Strategic planning
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Design sprint facilitation
  • Brainstorming and ideation 
  • Design thinking consulting

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein